Moontickets digital art and NFTs


meet our team

Dimi Kefseridis
3D Artist - chefticket
Nil Tomm
3D Artist

White Paper

We are Dimitris and Nil and we print digital artwork into the Hedera Network. Sometimes on real canvas using the Hashgraph to stamp the artwork’s metadata into eternity.

We are relatively new to the NFT space and aim to create fun and eye-catching, high-quality 3d and real art while showcasing our learning curve and organically building a loyal, inclusive community.

Buying different Moontickets means buying art only. However, we reward our supporters with more art, giveaways, and other weird surprises that come to the chefticket’s weird mind. We like the saying “underpromise but over-deliver” and just try to get stuff done so one day we can just say “hey look what I made”.

We don’t want to be exclusive to a small number of whales but to anyone with a few spare hbars. This will forever be reflected in the minting price of our artwork. We see this as an opportunity to master our hobby and a way to showcase our skills to a wide audience and not as a way to get rich.


Our Roadmap

We have a lot that we are looking forward to completing this year.
q4 2021/q1 2022
Setup social media/discord server - build a website - introduce whitepaper and first collection.
q2 2022
Release first collection of shroomtickets- collaborations
q3 2022
Build a moonfarm for the shrooms
q4 2022
Airdrop first farming products - release 2nd series of shroomtickets.

The Tickets

So far we have minted a good amount of different Moontickets already. Following is a small description of them and their utility. This section is “unfinished” and will grow/change in the future as we grow too.

fudder (1)

The Shroomtickets

The Shrooms are our first big production and will evolve and grow in 3 generations. They are a collection of 500 3d mushrooms with randomized traits, colors, backgrounds, mushroom hoods. Rarities will be released on mint date. We have designed them in a way that the most common traits look just as cool as the rarest. A very homogeneous field of shrooms so that nobody feels bad if his/hers is not that rare and to make an inclusive, unified community.

First generation will be minted and sold for 14 days or until sold out. The rest will be burned. There will be no Whitelist for the first but for the second and third generation. The sales of the first determines the amount of generation two and three.

  • Holding a Shroomticket 1st gen gives you a whitelist for 2nd gen and reduces the price of it by 50%
  • Shroomie only giveaways
  • Selling a shroom forfeits these benefits but a 25% discount on gen2 remains for the successful “flipper”.

The goal of the shroomies is to make more use of the hashgraph than just the mint. We will try to implement a farm looking towards the second half of the year.

Adventures of Moony

A lot of work and detail goes into the creation of the Adventures of Moony. Each piece is a one-off and so their holders are made of an absolute elite group of supporters who enjoy elite benefits:

  • free airdrop of our upcoming Shroomtickets collection and beyond

  • random free NFT drops

  • they get to see all the progress that we make earlier in their own discord channel

  • special giveaways

  • 50% discount on art, if it’s not included in their free drops

  • the only “exclusive” group inside of Moontickets

Once a moony, forever a moony: the “MoonyHolder” status doesn’t forfeit if someone should sell his piece. The new owner gets added to the group as it slowly grows. That means if you successfully “flip” your moony, you still have all the benefits of holding one!

Market Manipulators

These artworks represent our idea of how creepy evil beings that control our markets could look like 😉
-10% on any future artwork
If you own more it adds up and works to a count of 5. If you own one of each MM you have a discount of 50%. You need to own different ones. Can also be combined with the 5% discounts on the other nfts.
Example: owning 3 times vol 1 gives you only 10% discount. Owning vol1, vol2 and vol3 gives you a 30% discount.

If you do a purchase on a market please contact us with your wallet information and the token ID’s you already hold to get back the discounts you are entitled to! This does not work on secondary markets!

Mould my Mind Give away results

This is a special giveaway that we run in our discord server every once in a while where the winner is encouraged to give input for a 5 hour sculpt session. We try to interact with our community by creating something very personal and also encouraging creative thoughts. Any wish that the winner has we try to sculpt and the result will then be minted and gifted to him/her. The second generation of Mould my Mind pieces will be for holders of Shroomtickets only!

Collaborations on Other Projects

So far we have accumulated more collaborations than we had initially planned. This happened out of making new friends with other creators and just “vibing” along. Some creators we have approached, others approached us. At this point, we like to thank HbarMigos, Creets, HotdogHussle and Lazy Superheroes for the support and love! If you are a creator and want to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us 🙂 -The collab pieces have the same 5% perks as “any other moonticket”

Gallery of the early days

When the first minting tools on hbar came out we didn’t hesitate to try out “a few” mints. These now have -5% on any future artwork. If you own more it adds up (also with MMs) and works to a count of 5 nfts


You own 1x tomorrow’s whale, 1x fudder, 1x market manipulator(counts 10%), 1x hbar bird, 1x mould my mind = 30% discount on the Market Manipulator 5 available on Hashaxis! 

If you do a purchase on a market please contact us with your wallet information and the token ID’s you already hold to get back the discounts you are entitled to! This does not work on secondary markets!

And another example:

If you own market manipulators AND different other nfts, the biggest discount you can get would be: you own the 5 different manipulators = 50% discount. Let’s say you own also 5 other nfts= another 25% added = 75% discount

Any changes to this can happen anytime and will be announced in our discord and twitter channels! Much love Dimi and Nil

Token Id's

Tomorrows whale 0.0.505780

Tomorrows whale 0.0.505779

Tomorrows whale 0.0.505777

 Manifesting bars 0.0.517039

 Market manipulator vol1 0.0.508329

 Market manipulator vol2 0.0.586686

 Market manipulator vol3 0.0.594663

 Market manipulator vol4 0.0.643190

 Market manipulator vol5 0.0.657209

 The fudder 0.0.594652

 Hbar lady 0.0.508614

 Hbar bird 0.0.541895

Adventures of moony chapter 1 0.0.578092


 Adventures of moony chapter 2 0.0.584549

 Adventures of moony chapter 3 0.0.593952

 Adventures of moony chapter 4 0.0.597636

 Adventures of moony chapter 5 0.0.609508

 Adventures of moony chapter 6 0.0.658104

 Adventures of moony chapter 7 0.0.658105

 Saltbot 0.0.658135

 Mould my mind 0.0.725514

Starboy leverage trader 0.0.623257

Utility token knight templar 0.0.617910

Sun in H 0.0.589013